MSNBC’s Ruhle Clearly Can’t Handle Sean Hannity Or His Truths

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Stephanie Ruhle made a move against Sean Hannity, claiming that he had “devious motives” when appearing on Fox & Friends this week.

“This is going to be a character assassination of Robert Mueller and everyone working on the investigation. Calling them Democrats. Saying they’re tied to Hillary Clinton. Will the president be successful in doing this,” Ruhle asked.

“Robert Mueller himself, as I mentioned earlier, is a Republican. If we’re talking about who’s giving money to Democrats, President Trump, I think back to Bill and Hillary Clinton and the photo they took while they were at President Trump’s wedding.”

“I know Sean Hannity is already hitting the wires,” she continued. “That guy doesn’t get out of bed early. He’s on ‘Fox & Friends’ this morning. Why? Because there’s an agenda here, discredit Robert Mueller.”

Specifically, she’s talking about this piece:

“The only way I can characterize this, it is the biggest abuse of power in the history of this country,” Hannity said.

“If you were trying to prevent congressional oversight and you broke the law and you put a server that we now know was hacked by at least five or six outside foreign entities — if you put it outside where it was supposed to be, you mishandle with classified top secret and special access program information, those emails get subpoenaed.”

“You don’t have the right to delete 33,000 of them at that point and if any of you did, you’d be arrested.”

“You’ve got the whole issue of Christopher Steele. All this talk about Trump Russia collusion. The only person that colluded in the campaign with the Russians was Hillary Clinton,” Hannity concluded.

“Hillary Clinton bought and paid for what turned out to be Russian lies. She had already fixed, think about this, she fixes a primary election against Bernie. Then Hillary has a criminal investigation fixed for her.”

Do you find anything wrong with his logic?

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