Mike Pence Speech To Veterans Will Send Chills Up Your Spine

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Vice President Mike Pence spoke to a group of about 70 veterans today, welcoming them into his home, prior to the start of the annual Project Hero bike ride.

And his speech will give you chills, it’s simply amazing.

Vice President Mike Pence welcomed a group of roughly 70 veterans to his home on Memorial Day prior to the start of the annual Project Hero bike ride.

“You know it’s written if you owe debts, pay debts. If honor, then honor. If respect, then respect,” Pence began. “There is a day in November when we remember those who served and came home. But I know all of you know better than I ever will that this is a day we remember those who served and did not come home.” 


“So I say to each one of you thank you for your service,” VPOTUS continued. “You make this place better for you being here today and you honor us all.”

“We wish you Godspeed, safe travels all the way to Virginia Beach and for Project Hero and all of those that it helps all the way to a full recovery in an America that cherishes all those who serve.”

Mike Pence Speaks To Veterans And Honors The Fallen During Memorial Day Speech | The Daily Caller


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