Maxine Waters Says Ben Carson Lacks Intelligence, That’s LAUGHABLE

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If there is one thing Maxine Waters is not an expert on its brains. However, she did come up with the best argument for abortion I have ever heard, I have to march because my mother could not have an abortion.” I might not like her but when she’s right, she’s right.

Waters is now angry because former neurosurgeon Ben Carson pointed out the massive homeless issue in the district that she represents but does not live in. Instead, she resides in a mansion in a nearby district.

Dr. Carson refused to get into a battle of wits with Maxine Waters because he promised his mother he would not shoot an unarmed person. When it comes to who has the brains, I’ll take Ben Carson over Maxine Waters every time. He is actually working to solve homelessness and the housing crises, not just throw money at the problem as a temporary fix.

From Breitbart News

On Sunday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said former neurosurgeon Ben Carson did not have the “intelligence” for his current position as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Carson had said Waters lacks basic manners after she had written President Donald Trump a letter demanding answers on reports that the administration was considering moving homeless people off the streets in California.

Waters said, “I sent him a letter, and he sent me a letter claiming that I had no manner, etc. I basically said to my staff, I really don’t have time to be bonded by somebody who does not know the difference between REO and OEO. This guy just doesn’t have the background, the capability, the intelligence to do the job. He does not know what he’s doing. He doesn’t care about this issue.”

You would think that as long as Waters has been in Congress that she would have already solved all of the problems in her district. Truth be told the only bill she passed was the naming of a post office. Maybe if she spent some time in the district of the people she represents she would gain some perspective.



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