Marine Facing Prison On Gun Charges Gets Commuted

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Marine Sergeant Hisashi Pompey was facing a mandatory three years on a gun charge has his sentence commuted and a full pardon may be under way, after New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stepped in and commuted his sentence Friday.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, this isn’t April Fools, right?” he said, when we told him the good news. “I don’t know how to react. I’m grateful, grateful.”

Six years ago during a visit to New Jersey, Pompey was at a Fort Lee nightclub when his friend got involved in a fight and grabbed Pompey’s gun out of his holster and carried it into a confrontation with police.

Nearly six years ago Pompey was at a New Jersy nightclub when he and a friend go into a fight and his friend grabbed Pompey’s gun out of his holster to confront the other party then carried it into a confrontation with local law enforcement.

Marine Sergeant Pompey served his country with three+ tours, seeing action in Iraq and Afghanistan. He received medals for bravery during that time.

“I’m not a troublemaker,” he said. “I don’t cause trouble. I don’t do anything bad. It was just a common mistake that I made.”


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