Lib Candidate Under Investigation After Anti-Firearm Stunt

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Karen Mallard is a congressional hopeful out in Virginia, as well as a school teacher and she decided to take to social media to perform a stunt as a show for her would-be voting base that she’ll be tough on gun control.

It all started with a video she posted on Facebook which shows her destroying an AR-15.

Highlighting the Parkland shooting, Mallard said: “I grew up in Wise County, surrounded by guns. Our family had guns my whole life. We use them for hunting, for protection and recreation.”  and that afterward she and her husband made the decision to destroy the gun instead of just getting rid of it.

This is what some of her audience took issue with, saying that she was breaking the law. Enough, in fact, that The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is investigating 

Several people left replies to the video saying that she broke the law citing the state’s Sawed-Off Shotgun and Sawed-Off Rifle Act prohibits people from having a rifle that has been “modified to an overall length of less than 26 inches.”

Though in her post she goes on to claim that she completed the job “according to regulation and turned it over to the police” — A local Virginia Beach Police Department spokeswoman did confirm that the firearm was in their possession but the ATF is still looking into it.

“And yes for all the NRA trolls out there, I finished the job according to regulation and turned it over to the police. Why are you more outraged about me taking a gun out of circulation than about our children being murdered in our schools?”

While the stunt is folly, I’d say this is a simple case of good’ol conservative trolling, which I think is hilarious.

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