Kevin Jackson DESTROYS Elizabeth Warren over Trump Win

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Elizabeth Warren, aka Faux-a-hontas, just can’t help herself. The Senator decided to yet again speak out about POTUS Trump, telling MSNBC that he only won due to racism.

“Part of it is an ugly stew of racism,” Warren said. “Part of it is Donald Trump tapped into anger. He got that people are deeply angry.”

“And people are right to be angry,” she added. “But Donald Trump said it’s their fault — those other people. Those people who don’t worship like you, those people who don’t look like you, those people who aren’t the same color as you. That was a big part. He told a story. It’s just the wrong story.”

Luckily, Kevin Jackson stepped in and put her in her place.

Jackson appeared on Outnumbered today and slammed Warren for her belief of how Trump won, alleging that Trump voters are racist (yet again). Didn’t she lie about being a Native American?

“Leave it to a woman who faked herself as being an American Indian to tell Donald Trump about racism,” Jackson remarked.

Jackson finds it appalling that many on the left try and make this claim so often and debate it at every corner. Always accusing Conservatives of being racists.

“We are not racists. We are an amazing group of people, and we’re an amalgam of this country,” Jackson said.

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