Trump: Obamacare Is Dead, It’s Gone

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Trump was in Harrisburg, PA recently and made a statement about Obamacare where he says it’s dead. He went on to say that the replacement currently being worked on should pass quickly and alleviate the “failures” of Obamacare.

Partial transcript:

Obamacare’s dead, it’s gone. The increases were massive last year. They’re going to be bigger this year and the insurance companies are fleeing. One of the top people in the insurance industry said, “Obamacare is in a death spiral.” There’s nothing they can do. So they can’t compare something to it because it won’t be there very long. Believe me, can’t be there very long. It’s not working. It’s been a failure.

Under Obamacare, we have seen double and triple digit hikes in premiums and many Americans left with only a single insurer to choose from and now many of those insurers are fleeing also. You have places like the great state of Tennessee where I left two weeks ago where half of the state already has no insurance carrier … and many others.

So, Obamacare is a catastrophe created exclusively by the Democrats in Congress. They know it’s no good, they know it’s not working. And by the way, we’re going to get something great. We’re going to get the premiums down. We’re going to get the deductibles way down. We’re going to take care of every single need you’re going to want to have taken care of, but it’s not going to cost that kind of money. We’re going to bring it down. You’re going to see it, premiums down. We will repeal and replace Obamacare, you watch.

We’re going to give Americans the freedom to purchase the health care plans they want, not the health care plans forced on them by the government. And I’ll be so angry at … all of our congressmen in this room if we don’t get that damn thing passed quickly.

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