Jussie Smollett Had The Audacity To Be Offended By Racial Slur During Trial

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Jussie Smollett halted his own courtroom cross-examination to make an astounding request — that the prosecutor refrains from using the n-word because he found it offended his sensibilities.

The actor interrupted prosecutor Dan Webb, a white man in the middle of his line of questioning, and seriously asked him to stop saying the word while quoting messages Jussie had sent to the Osundairo brothers who he hired to help set up a fake hate crime.

Jussie said in court, “Can you spell or say the n-word out of respect for every African American in this room? You’ve been saying that word a lot.”

Webb made a compromise … asking that Jussie read the messages himself, which he apparently did. One of the messages Jussie read himself was from Abimbola, which said … “N**** finally made it just landed haha.”

After cross, Jussie stepped down … and the defense rested its case. Closing arguments are expected to begin tomorrow.

Jussie stands trial for allegedly lying about the attack and faces charges for falsifying police reports. The actor of course denies all allegations and continues to maintain his innocence.

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