Judge Jeanine BLASTS NYC Anti-Trump Mayor

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Judge Jeanine Pirro,host of Fox News’ Justice, gave a stern message this weekend to members of the law enforcement community after NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio SKIPPED a police ceremony this week to go visit the G20 Summit and participate in the protests.

She then urged other offices to “turn their backs” on, as she called him, a “anti-Trump, leftist, socialist, cop hating” New York City mayor.

“My message to you is do unto others as they do unto you. Do exactly what you did after the deaths of [New York City Police officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos]. Turn your backs on this anti-Trump, leftist, socialist, cop hating mayor. Do it for me,” Pirro stated.

I absolutely and fully agree with her. Further, why t.f. is he even at G20 in Germany anyway? You’re the mayor of NEW YORK CITY!! Act like it, son!

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