Juan Williams Humiliated By Jesse Waters On National Television [Video]

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ICYMI This article featuring point of view, analysis as well as conjecture was syndicated through Right Wing Tribune.It was initial published in 2014.

Fox News’ Jesse Watters OWNED Juan Williams: ‘Trump’s Sons Stopped Doing International Service After Daddy Became President, Biden’s Child STARTED After Father Became VP’ (Video)

(NationalSentinel) Fair-minded journalists– and in the mainstream media, there aren’t many– know that Democrats who claim Head of state Donald Trump did something rotten and also impeachable with Ukraine is complete BS.

Not only that, but they know that what Joe Biden did on behalf of his son, Hunter Biden, in Ukraine is as filthy and scandalous as it gets.

Without doubt, that crazy-ass Joe Biden helped his boy land a lucrative business deal in Ukraine– $50k a month— when he was Vice Head of state.

Additionally without question, Joe Biden endangered to hold back $1 billion in financing guarantees from Ukraine if the government really did not discharge a prosecutor that was exploring corruption involving the very same business where Hunter Biden functioned as a board participant.

“Well, boy of a bitch,” Biden boastedto a Council on Foreign Relations forum in 2014. “He got terminated.” Quid, imply professional quo.

Biden and his pal Barry Obama need to be putting on prison red stripes now for the shit they did to our head of state and also our country. They abused their settings and also treated us and specific countries like an abusive John treats an affordable hooker.

Fair-minded journalist Jesse Watters of Fox Newsskillfully summarized what Biden did as well as juxtaposed it with Head of state Trump and also hissons, Eric and also Donald Jr.: What would certainly the Trash Party be stating if they drew a “Ukraine” and also endangered a nation’s help unless a corrupt firm Eric and also Don Jr. helped got off scot cost-free?

And he took that partial hack Juan Williams to job for his sanctimonious bullshit in declaring that Trump’s discussion with the Ukrainian president rises to the level of what Biden did.


What do you think? Will the Biden Criminal activity Family members ever before deal with even an ounce of justice?


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