GRAPHIC VIDEO: Man Falls Into Vat Of Boiling Hot Porridge, Burns All Over His Body

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An Indian dies of burn injuries after falling into a pot of boiling porridge Tuesday.

A graphic video shared online shows the moment the man appeared to stagger and fall into the pot of boiling porridge.

The tragedy occurred last July in Tamil Nadu, India, where a security camera captured the exact moment the subject fell into a boiling pot that contains porridge at a very high temperature.

According to local media, the victim, called Muthuswamy, was in charge of overseeing the preparation of food for the festival to be held in the city.

Muthuswamy can be seen walking near a bowl of porridge when he unexpectedly loses his balance and staggers back into the pot.

Although he tries to steady himself, he falls behind, leaving his entire body in the boiling pot. A few seconds later, when the bystanders realized what was happening, they tried to help Muthukumar but were unable to do so immediately, appearing to also get burned.

Eventually, the bystanders managed to free Muthukumar and he was taken to a local hospital.

Unfortunately, Muthuswamy died with burn marks almost all over his body. And so far the reason why the man lost stability next to the pot is unknown, however, his wife said that he suffered from epilepsy, which may have caused the fall.

After the vigorous development, the police started the investigation.

Source: TheDailyCaller

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