She Poured HOT GREASE On Someone During An Argument, And The Cops Had To….

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An Ohio woman was arrested for felonious assault after she allegedly poured hot grease on another woman during an argument.

Charlene Thompson, a 61-year-old woman from Cincinnati, is facing charges of felonious assault for dumping hot grease on another woman during an argument.

The altercation took place on December 2 in the 5100 block of Hawaiian Terrace. The details of the victims are not precise. However, it is known that she ended up with severe burns to her back and arms.

It is not the first time that Thompson faces criminal charges, though. In 2008, she was charged with assault and disorderly conduct while intoxicated. Both charges were dismissed.

In 2006, Thompson was charged with domestic violence for allegedly striking her daughter in the mouth and back of the head, injuring her daughter’s hand while she was trying to protect herself. The charge was later dismissed on February 21, 2007.

Later that year, Thompson was convicted of criminal trespass in August 2007, following June 2007 arrested where she was accused of entering an assisted living facility without permission and hitting a residence. She was also charged with assault, but the charge was dropped when she was convicted in a plea on August 13, 2007.

Even though pouring hot grease on someone is very cruel, it was not the reason that made a lot of people go to Twitter to comment on Thompson. Her mugshot shows her wearing very extravagant neon eyelashes, which sent the Internet into a frenzy.

Now, I am no expert in criminal law whatsoever, but the fact that this woman has been accused of so many crimes, and all of those have been dropped, amazes me.

Honestly, can someone explain to me how one can be charged with criminal endangerment and domestic violence and just be let go as if nothing? This is why bad things keep happening people! Either she must have a great lawyer or people are just afraid of her, scared she’d lash out. No pun intended.

Anyways, I’m pretty sure it’s the second one. Also…I’m just going to leave these tweets here.

“Hope it’s the lash time she does something this disgreaseful,” wrote one user.

“Eye wonder why she lashed out and decided to use hot grease,” joked a second one.

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