Joe Biden Struggles To Keep Pace With President Trump On The Campaign Trail

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President Trump blew past Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the final days of the 2020 campaign making an astonishing number of stops across the country in five states on Sunday alone including Michigan, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, and Georgia. He is scheduled to speak at another five events before the end of Monday.

Biden is struggling to keep up with just two stops on Sunday in Pennsylvania at an event then later at a fundraiser. On Monday the former vice president is only scheduled to appear in Cleveland then later return to Pennsylvania.

The Democratic nominee has been criticized for being largely absent from the campaign trail all throughout the spring and into summer months while blaming it one coronavirus-related social distancing rules.

That never stopped President Trump, however, as he continued to hold appear in person at events whenever possible even if it meant delivering speeches outdoors at airport hangers.

Biden’s absence from the public eye was a running joke with President Trump and his supporters and even earned him a couple of nicknames including “Hidin’ Biden” and “Basement Joe.”

On Twitter, the hashtag #WhereIsJoeBiden even began to trend in the early months of the pandemic.

When Biden did make it out to a rally or appear in one of his virtual events he hosted, he took some flak for many verbal gaffes or technical difficulties.

His supporters took notice of his constant physical absence and raised some concerns.

Instead, Biden has chosen to rely on calling in a number of Hollywood stars, including Lady Gaga and John Legend, and his running mate Senator Kamala Harris to do his campaigning for him.

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