The Nashville Bombing Case Just Took A Turn For The Strange

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It seems like a pretty straight forward story. A crazy guy rigs a bomb in his RV and blows himself up on Christmas morning.

But the more investigators uncover about this attack and the man behind it, the weirder it gets.

First of all, can it even be called an attack since a recorded voice blasted a warning to anyone in the area to evacuate then gave a precise countdown leading up to the explosion? It seems like he took the time and effort to make sure that no one would be around to get hurt and it worked since he was the only one who died in the blast.

Then there’s the song that played at a very loud volume heard coming from the RV. Petula Clark’s “Downtown” must have given off a really eerie vibe in the dark empty street that morning.

There were reports of gunshots, a theory that he was targeting AT&T to destroy their 5G network, and so many more questions that may never be answered because the only person that knows the truth is dead.

But some strange things about the bomber’s past have come out and it takes this story to a new level of strange. 

Authorities are exploring evidence that Nashville, Tennessee, bombing suspect Anthony Quinn Warner was interested in various conspiracy theories, sources familiar with the investigation told ABC News.

The theories include ones involving “lizard people” — a belief that shape-shifting reptilian creatures appear in human form and are bent on world domination.

Warner, 63, of Antioch, Tennessee, is also believed to have spent time hunting for alien life forms in a nearby state park, sources said.

Some writings found by investigators believed to be associated with Warner, who was killed in the Christmas Day RV explosion, contain ramblings about assorted conspiracy theories, sources said.

And then there was this red flag that went left unchecked…

Law enforcement sources confirm to ABC News that Nashville police were told in 2019 that Warner was building bombs in his RV.

Police have yet to determine a solid motive in the case. This may go down in history as another bizarre unsolved mystery.

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