Joe Biden Caught In A Bold Face Lie During Presidential Debate

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During the first presidential debate Tuesday night Democratic nominee Joe Biden he said that he does not support the Green New Deal but his campaign website calls it a “crucial framework” for meeting the challenges of climate change.

Biden put a lot of effort into distancing himself from the far left of his party including rejecting the green New Deal in rare form.

When President Trump called out the former vice president over the climate proposal Biden stated, “The New Green Deal is not my plan.”

“No, I don’t support the Green New Deal,” Biden reiterated. “I support the Biden plan I put forward, which is different than what [Trump] calls the green New Deal.”

Sponsor for the Green New Deal, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responded to Biden’s comments on Twitter.

“Our differences are exactly why I joined Biden’s Climate Unity Task Force–  so we can set aside our differences and figure out an aggressive climate plan to address the planetary crisis at our feet,” she wrote adding that “ Trump doesn’t even believe climate change is real.”

However weeks earlier Ocasio-Cortez criticized Biden for his “middle of the road” stance on climate.

Biden revealed his “Biden Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution & Environmental Justice” in June. The 10-year proposal would be supported by leveraging more than $5 trillion in additional private-sector and state and local investments.

The deal, which is being led by Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey is estimated to cost up to $93 trillion in the first 10 years.

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