Home Prices Hit Astronomical Level Thanks To Biden..

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Friends, I want to tell you a quick story about buying a home. It’s something that happened enough in the past that some of you might not remember what life was like.

When my mother and my stepfather got married in the late 1980s, they bought a house about a month or two after the wedding.

Now, my mom and my stepfather were not exactly the richest people in the world. My stepfather was a sergeant in the Air Force, and my mom worked at the base exchange. Not exactly Warren Buffett levels of disposable income.

All that side, they were able to buy a house with relative ease. A nice three-bedroom home that I lived in until I left home a year after high school to join the Navy.

If they were transported ahead in time to today and attempted to buy that same house under the same circumstances realtors would laugh at them out of their office.

Through eight years of Barack Obama and the few years so far that we have had to deal with Joe Biden, housing prices have skyrocketed to the point where no reasonable person could afford a home unless they were spitting out golden horseshoes every time they opened their mouth.

Biden’s policy proposals as of late have been jacking up housing prices across the board in the country and it feels that there is no sign of this trend going downward in any reasonable way.

From this time last year up until now, housing prices have surged across the board 6.5% through the United States and as high as eight percent in the largest ten cities in the country.

A great deal of this has come from Biden policies. The green energy regulation that Biden has tried to impose has added to the cost of building a home in the first place now, as you all know construction companies aren’t going to eat the cost of the extra green garbage that they now have to comply with out of the goodness of their heart.

They are going to pass all of this stuff onto you, the homebuyer.

It’s one of the reasons why so many people have decided to go the nontraditional route when it comes to their living arrangements.

Look at all of the people that you might have seen on YouTube who decided to buy a camper and travel around the country or live on BLM land the majority of the year.

A lot of that has been out of necessity. Take a look at your average camper that could comfortable house a family of four people. That is now at the price of a single-family home that a person used to be able to afford on a middle-class salary.

Not saying that I wouldn’t love to spend my days traveling our nation in a camper, but it shouldn’t be the last resort people have.

We need to get Biden out of office so that we can get the housing market under control. Because living in a van down by the river isn’t just for the losers and bums anymore…

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