His Punishment For His Daughter Shoplifting Is Absolutely Genius….

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Kids today think the world owes them and if they want something they cannot have, it’s some sort of injustice.

Fortunately, there are still parents out there willing to do the right thing, like this dad who forced his 10-year-old daughter to return stolen fake nails to the store and pay for them.

A dad made his daughter pay for stolen fake nails that she took from a local Walgreens store. The 10-year-old was forced to return some fake nails that she’d shoplifted from the store after she was caught by her dad. He not only made her go back and buy them but she was told to apologize to the store. Everything was captured on video. Watch it below.

As punishment for stealing the set of fake nails, the dad decided to make his 10-year-old daughter walk back to the nearby Walgreens, where she not only paid for what she had taken but was forced to confess her crime to the manager.

It turns out, she took the product out of the box, so the barcode used for tracking the item was not available. The girl was then forced to walk to the back of the store and get a box that had a Universal Product Code (UPC) on it for the manager to scan. She eventually apologized and promised never to steal again.

Thankfully, the girl learned a valuable lesson about stealing and was able to remedy the situation before it became something worse than it was.

The 7-minute clip was also posted to Reddit. While some found it bizarre that the father filmed the incident, others commend him for taking control and being a good parent.

“All the respect in the world for this dad,” one user commented. “Not yelling or swearing or being an ass. Just hoping to scare the kid straight with a healthy dose of shame.”

“Good father,” one person wrote.

“Yes, the Dad was making it right by bringing her back, but by uploading, I think was just a little bit much, possibly wanting to elevate himself just a little as well. Punishment should be private and kept between those involved, not to include the whole world in the equation. Just my 2 cents,” another commented in support of the dad. 

Watch the video below for more details:

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