Hilarious Remix Of Social Justice Warrior Meltdowns

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This great new video has surfaced showing many great meltdowns of Social Justice Warriors, you know… the SNOWFLAKES, and it’s HILARIOUS!

While there are many Grade-A Prime examples here… it starts off with a student “confronting” a Yale administrator, whining that they’re pretending he’s “not being a racist”.

Then Melissa Click, former University of Missouri professor, appears telling a student journalist who was recording at the time of a protest, “You need to get out!”.

Then, let us not forget the infamous “Trigglypuff”, screaming “KEEP YOUR HATE SPEECH OFF THIS CAMPUS” while other students chime in, screaming “your side is f*cking disgusting!” and “I’m not retreating, I’m making myself safe and comfortable.”

As written for Daily Wire by Aaron Bandler:

And it’s all done to the sound of a DJ mix that one would expect to hear at a club, causing the video to provide a perfect mockery of these SJWs making parodies of themselves with their advocacy of fascism through their triggered feelings.

The No Safe Spaces documentary will feature Prager and Carolla traveling to various college campuses across the country, including California State University Northridge and University of California Berkeley, to expose how freedom of speech is being threatened on college campuses in the name of protecting the precious feelings of student snowflakes.

The film is looking to raise $500,000; as of this writing they have raised $321,000. More information about No Safe Spaces can be found here.

WATCH: Hilarious Remix Of Social Justice Warrior Meltdowns


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