Jason Whitlock: The Far Left Wants to ‘Overthrow Everything’

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Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports 1, stated that people on the far left like Max Kellerman (ESPN) have bought into the far left ideology, “overthrow everything”.

“We used to agree on certain principles here in this country,” Whitlock began. “And sports bought into the narrative, and affixed itself to the narrative that America is good and there are certain values and principles that we believe here in America that we have baked into the sports culture.”

“And playing the national anthem at sporting events has been a long tradition that goes well beyond the NFL and football, and now we have people like Max, a good friend of mine but he’s far left-wing — there are people, they just want to overthrow everything and everything that we used to agree upon, that America’s good, that there are some ideas and values baked into the American culture we also baked into sports culture, those things are good.”

He continued, “We played the national anthem, respect the flag, respect our military, remind ourselves of what we like about America. And now there are people that have just bought into this far left ideology that let’s just overthrow everything. And we don’t agree upon whether America is a force for good or not. We don’t agree upon the values and principles we thought used to make America great. We don’t agree upon those. It’s a preposterous argument Max is making.”


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