Catholic Hospital Under Fire For Refusing Trans Surgery

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The ACLU has filed a lawsuit against the Dignity Health’s Mercy San Juan Medical Center for denying “transition” surgery to a patient. They brought this suit upon the Catholic hospital on behalf of “Evan Minton”, a biological female who seeks to become “male”. August of last year Minton was schedule for a hysterectomy as part of the “transition” and notified staff of this and that he prefer “female” pronouns.

The procedure he was scheduled to undergo was a necessary step in transitioning from a woman to a man.

Following this, they hospital cancelled the procedure citing religious beliefs and offered to simply move the patient to a different facility. Sounds easy enough, right? “We won’t perform this but you are welcome to go else…”

“We feel very clearly that they discriminated against me because I’m transgender — and that is against the law,” Minton said.

The lawsuit alleges that the medical facility was in violation of “sex discrimination in violation of California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act,” and at least one local defense lawyer believes Minton has a case.

“It kind of goes back to the whole ‘separate but equal’ years ago, where it was OK to discriminate, but as long as you provide something that was equally balanced,” attorney Johnny Griffin told the station. “So, this is why this is an area of the law that needs to be settled by the courts.”

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