HILARIOUS! Gutfeld Pokes Funs At Libs For Their Almost Win

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“Ah, ya almost had it!” this totally reminds me of that commercial where the car insurance customer with the older man fishing a dollar at a customer. Greg Guteld decided to have a little fun at the expense of the left and the fact that they seem to be celebrating their “almost win” with the Georgia Special Election.

Democratic runner, Jon Ossoff, was unable to reach 50% of the required vote for the special election and thus a runoff will happen later in the year for Tom Price’s former House seat.

“Ossoff got enough votes in a primary– to make it to the REAL election. Wow,” Gutfeld said. Looking at the numbers, Republicans presumably have this one in the bag, folks! He further noted that he would rather be celebrating Trump’s winning presidency than someone who just couldn’t quite cut it.

Gutfeld played clips of liberal commentators heaping praise on Ossoff and comparing him to a young President Obama.


He agreed that Ossoff was very much like Obama: “He kind of does sound like him… he’s a little full of himself.”

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