Gingrich’s Concerns On Obamacare Repeal May Be Valid

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Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, stated to The Daily Caller News Foundation that he’s concerned Republicans are going to “replace” the party elephant symbol with the lemming, based on the Senate’s consideration of the Obamacare replacement.

As written for Daily Caller by Ginni Thomas:

He’s worried about the emerging “Washington centric stupidity” where someone is chanting, “we’ve got to go off the cliff because otherwise we’ll look bad” before the August recess.

He says health care policy is “life and death.” “It is ten times more complicated than national defense and you can’t fix it with a handful of congressional staffers sitting in a room somewhere, thinking they’re smart.”

If the Republicans get health care wrong, he predicts, they will lose the House.

The former speaker, whose newest book “Understanding Trump” became his 15th New York Times bestseller, explains there are “two pressure cookers” that impact how Washington works. One is in Washington, but the other is the country. “The country is bigger. You can’t let the Washington pressure cooker make you do stupid things.”

He recommends the Republicans slow down, and talk with real practitioners in the health care industry.

Gingrich: Obamacare Repeal Is Turning Republicans Into A Bunch Of Lemmings [VIDEO]


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