Freshman Stabbed To Death, Community Left SHAKEN

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Students at New York City’s Barnard College are left terrified and the community is left shaken after Thursday when an 18-year-old freshman was found stabbed to death the night before in a nearby park.

The Barnard student has since been identified at Tessa Majors. She was found unconscious with many stab wounds all over her body. She was lying near a staircase in Morningside park around 5:30 pm Wednesday, according to police. Sian Leah Beilock, the president of the all women’s school, comments that Majors “was fatally injured during an armed robbery” attempt and that her death was an ‘unthinkable tragedy’.

Investigators are now reportedly questioning two persons of interest that may be involved with the case.

Natasha, a freshman biochemistry major, told Fox News outside one of the college’s entrances Thursday “It just makes me think about myself and what that means for me in the city because I love going out in the city and exploring and now I just feel more apprehensive towards doing that.” She adds, “I actually walked through the park that morning, I walked up those stairs.”

School authorities positioned more security officers than normal around all the entrances. Some professors have even announced postponements of upcoming exams in wake of the stabbing.

Investigative teams could be seen earlier this morning combing the area of the park where the stabbing took place.

An employee of the university said in an email to Fox News “There’s definitely a feeling of sadness and concern going around. To hear about this happening so close to campus is devastating.”

Even the mayor Bill de Blasio commented on the stabbing in a tweet saying that NYPD will increase their presence in the area to “keep this community safe, arrest the perpetrators and ensure NOTHING like this can happen again.”

He also adds “We’ve lost a young woman full of potential in a senseless act of violence. I want every student and every member of faculty to know your city will be with you in the days ahead.”




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