Former Navy SEAL Tells Katy Perry Exactly What He Thinks Of Her Manchester Comments

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Carl Higbie, former Navy SEAL, has a blunt message for pop singer Katy Perry and her comments stating “no barriers, no borders, in the wake of the Manchester terror attack; GO TO HELL.

Higbie says in the interview, “We don’t have people who respect the culture of the United States of America. You have people like Katy Perry, for instance. This woman has said we need to hug it out. Go to hell, Katy Perry. Hold one of your concerts in Syria. These people don’t understand what’s going on here.”

Shannon then asked, “You don’t think she is coming from a bad place? They don’t get the threats?” and Higbie responded, “They don’t understand any of this and they don’t want to understand, too. I’m so strong against these celebrities who speak out and say we can fight it through love. It is not really violent. They don’t mean it.”


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