Drone Footage Shows That Jeffery Epstein Is… ALIVE?!

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Not that long ago it seemed like every time you read the news there was a new twist in the Jeffery Epstein case. There were so many strange coincidences about his suicide that just didn’t add up. Could it be that the whole thing was just a ruse and he planned the whole thing so he could safely disappear to a remote island?

Recently a new development has occurred in the Jeffery Epstein saga.

Drone footage was taken over the infamous Epstein Island (also known as pedo island for the sex crimes that took place there) that shows a man who looks incredibly similar to Epstein. The video shows this look-alike casually chatting with a staff member on the island.


This raises a whole new crop of questions. If Epstein died last year then who is paying his staff? What are the odds of Epstein doppelganger being spotted on such a tiny island?

It has been pointed out that a Brownstone Operative with as many connections as Epstein would have too much sensitive information to be assassinated without major repercussions.

It is rumored that Epstein had dirt on many high profile celebrities and politicians such as Bill Clinton and even Prince Andrew so it would make sense that a high power would want him alive.

When you put it all together there are a lot of little things that add up to Epstein not being dead after all. For starters, the man they pulled out of the prison had some physical details that differ from those of Jeffery Epstein.

This only adds to the mystery of the case and raises more questions than answers. Maybe the man is just someone who works on the island who happens to look like Epstein. It wouldn’t be the first case of mistaken identity.

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