VIDEO: Florida Men Brawl Outside Home Depot Using Paint As A Weapon

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Florida has a reputation for having some of the craziest news stories involving the infamous ‘Florida man.’ This one has a whole group of Florida men involved in some kind of brawl right outside the loading zone at a Home Depot.

These four unidentified men got into a heated argument and then started using paint cans as weapons.

As you can see, one of the guys picks up a large garden tool and swings it at another man. However, the majority of the action is between a fairly large paint-covered man and another man about half his size.

The large man charges at his opponent while repeatedly slapping him, but the smaller man holds his own and then chucks a full can of white paint at the giant forcing him to retreat.

The big guy then turns his attention toward another guy and gets in a couple of violent swings before the crazy incident cools down and the men go their separate ways.

It is reported that these men all know each other and work together. Everyone involved declined to press charges and it’s unclear what exactly led to the messy mayhem.

It is unknown if Home Depot will take any action against the crew or if they are the ones stuck cleaning up the mess.

Folks, I know things have been stressful lately but let’s not make things worse by taking out our aggression on each other and leaving essential employees to clean up our messes.

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