DNC Chairman Perez Has Lost All Sanity and Logic

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“Them DNC boys are at it again…” nevermind, scratch that, Them Duke Boys are too good for that! So Tom Perez is at it again, spouting off some crazy nonsense. Perez recently spoke at a rally outside the White House where he states “no human being is illegal”. Like… I get what he means but it’s nonsense. Try spouting that crap in a war-torn middle eastern country, pal!

“The Democratic party will always be here, fighting for you,” Perez told the group Monday afternoon. “The Democratic party is here, fighting for you.”

“Our most important power is not the mister in the White House, I can’t even mention his name, the power is with all of you,” Perez said, before extolling the power of big labor, which was present at the march in solidarity. “No human being is illegal, we must treat everyone with dignity,” Perez continued, as he switched between English and Spanish for the crowd.

“We will be fighting for racial justice, economic justice, and moral justice,” Perez said, listing off a plethora of talking points.

This rally was part of the May Day protests, which grew to a few thousand by dinner time. Generally May Day is to recognize workers around the world, an international version of Labor Day.

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