Chuck Todd Thinks O’Reilly Wasn’t A Real Journalist HA!

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Chuck Todd took a bold stance today by by stating Bill O’Reilly, on the heels of his recent departure from Fox News, was not a real conservative nor a real journalist.

“Look, I agree with you,” the “Meet the Press” host told Hewitt, a self-described “partisan” who had just said O’Reilly wasn’t really a traditional conservative.

“He was — to me, what he did — he was the tone-setter,” Todd continued. “He was sort of that anti-political correctness.”

“He was the opening act that brought the crowds, but he became almost more fun to watch than the concert itself, sometimes, but he was the entertainer, probably more entertainer than any of the others.”

“He said ‘informed and entertained,’” Todd explained. “He used the word entertained.”

“No real journalist would use that.”

A real low job coming from someone like Chuck Todd. Especially when, among others, Wikileaks provided insight into Todd being rather “cozy” with the DNC.

Wikileaks released a trove of 20,000 emails they say were sent and received by the Democratic National Committee between January 2015 to May 2016.

NBC News’ Chuck Todd was named in one such email purportedly from the head of the DNC demanding to speak with him.

Todd tried to attribute it all to Twitter but as we all know… the Wikileaks releases were emails.

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