Developing: Possible active shooter at Redstone Arsenal; all gates closed

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The Marshall Space Flight Center sent an alert at 10:00a.m. Tuesday warning that a “situation exists near the Sparkman Center, RSA bldg. 5301.”

The message asked for people to avoid the area.

A second message send at 10:30 reads: “An active shooter has been reported at the RSA Sparkman Center. Personnel in this area take protective action now. This is not a drill.”

The Redstone Arsenal is military installation in northern Alabama. The United States Materiel Command, the Army’s Aviation and Missile Command, the Department of Defense’s Missile Defense Agency and NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center all operate within the base.

It is most well-known for its NASA facilities, where engineers test rocket propulsion.

It is home to 36,000 – 40,000 personnel per day.

An active shooter drill was planned for tomorrow, however, officials tell us the current situation is not part of the drill.

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