Democrats Exposed As Hypocrites As Their Own Words Come Back To Bite Them

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Now that the opening arguments from the impeachment trial have ended and it has been moving forward with questions from the Senators, which is also coming to a close, we may be nearing the end of it all.

Let us just take a step back and give credit where credit is due. I think we need to really appreciate the brilliance of the President’s legal team and how they ended their arguments.

In a very smart move from Pat Cipollone, the Democrats’ own words were used against them.

Red State reported, one of the main things that made President Trump’s counsel’s presentation infinitely better than that of the House Democratic managers was the simple and honest way they presented the facts and logic and stuck to the fundamentals of the Constitution.

Pat Cipollone exemplified that again today as his argument came to a close. He noted the basic fact that the Democrat’s objective was to obscure, that the case and the articles of impeachment they have put forth simply do not meet the constitutional standard for impeachment. The Democratic articles are a threat to our justice system because they are not what the Framers intended impeachment to be. Cipollone said that if you look carefully to the words of the past that they were true then and they are still true today.

He then played the words of the Democrats which included present impeachment managers shaming against partisan impeachment in 1998.

“You were right,” Cipollone said. “But I’m sorry to say you were also prophetic. And I think I couldn’t say it better so I wouldn’t. You know what the right answer is in your heart. You know what the right answer is for our country. You know what the right answer is for the American people.”

To me, this is a total knock out to the Democrats. They are guilty of doing the very thing they spoke against during the 1998 Clinton impeachment trial.

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