Crowder’s Latest “Change my mind” Segment Is One For The Books

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Crowder’s always been a great commenter and good for a solid laugh, the man knows what he is doing. Recently, he started a segment on his show called “Change my mind” with the idea of going to locations, namely college campuses, and taking on folks and very controversial, at least for the Left, right to their faces.

In this particular segment, he swings back to the fact of being Pro-gun, and challenges people to “change his mind”.

Here’s a partial transcription from a part I found particularly interesting. The video is just below.

GUEST: Real quick, I really respect what you’re doing here.

CROWDER: Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

GUEST: I love that despite our extreme disagreement in certain things, I really respect that you – you’re not even [raising] your voice, and I really respect that a lot … and I’m not offended by anything you’ve said, so I really appreciate that as well. And I like [that] you’re out here educating people.

CROWDER: Here’s the thing – if you wanted to offend me, that’s fine.

GUEST: No, I mean, I’m interested – I want to learn, first of all. And I’ve shown you where my perspective – I hope you understand where I’m coming from.

CROWDER: I understand where you’re coming from, and I think – here’s the thing – I think you’re an empathetic person who wants to save lives, right? And I’m just trying to tell you that, first off, you can’t save every life, right? That’s where I believe you’re coming from. I don’t believe in ascribing a motive. You know, you see this right now with the CNN town hall. “Why don’t you care about the lives lost?” Why don’t people care about the lives saved? A good example is – we don’t hear about – remember the Sutherland Springs shooting? That was right here in Texas. You know what happened there, right?

I really enjoyed how Crowder tried to get them to understand that right there, practically in their own backyard, a good buy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun.

He really takes this new segment of his seriously, too… and that’s great. He takes the “joke” out of it for Leftist, in a sense, and presents them with real data.

To me, he seemingly leaves them with nothing but the idea that the government falsifies stats. That’s not said, that’s just my speculation.

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