CNN’s Jim Sciutto Suggests The Military Doesn’t Care About Civilian Deaths

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Mark Hertling, Retired Army General, put CNN’s Jim Sciutto in his place after he suggested that the military doesn’t care about civilian deaths with Donald Trump as the POTUS.

“The Obama administration was famous, perhaps notorious, for how many hoops the military had to jump through to approve strikes,” Sciutto stated during a panel discussion. “And that was a headache.”

Hertling stated, “I’ve got to jump in, because having been in combat and knowing what commanders go through to get strikes, and knowing the conscience that commanders live under when they’re striking targets.

“Yeah, there may be fewer rules in terms of the processes,” he continued. “But they are still going to look very closely at collateral damage.”

“As a commander, you don’t want the death of innocents on your conscience.”


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