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Jackie Mason, comedy icon, is seen here talking about threat of North Korea and The Glorious Potato. He basically schools on the current state of Hollywood. How they would love to see him bomb North Korea instead and that’s how Trump could get their support.

“If he decides to bomb them, the whole country will be behind him, because everybody will realize he had no choice and that was the only thing to do,” Jackie says. “Except the Hollywood left. They’ll get nauseous.”

“Trump could win the left over, they’ll fall in love with him in a minute. If he bombed them for a better reason,” Jackie explains. “Like if they have no transgender toilets.”

Despite the fact that many Democrats support Trump’s move to bomb a Syrian airfield this week, Jackie says Trump’s still getting no love from Hollywood.

“They were infuriated,” he says. “Because it might only save lives. That doesn’t mean anything to them. If it only saved the environment, or climate change! They’d be the happiest people in the world.”

Jackie Mason: Hollywood Would Love Trump if He Bombed North Korea over Lack of Trans Bathrooms (Exclusive Video)


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