CNN Analyst Issues Grave Warning For Parkland Activists

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Dan Abrams, the founder of Mediaite and Law & Crime, appeared on CNN with host Brooke Baldwin to discuss David Hogg and his call for a boycott on the sponsors of Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s show, “The Ingraham Angle.”

There, he stated that  “these kids better saddle up.”

“I am surprised because I think that people who advertise with Laura Ingraham’s show know what Laura Ingraham’s show is,” Abrams said. “I also think we should be careful. I think it’s a little dangerous for anyone of either side to start celebrating advertisers pulling out.”

From there, he took on the idea that for some reason people believe that the activists are off-limits, saying “They’re fair game.”

“They’re advocates now,” Abrams replied to Baldwin, who asked if it was okay for the media to criticize the students after they made multiple highly inflammatory remarks about Republicans and the NRA.

“They’re young victim advocates,” Abrams continued. “But they have to be treated as advocates.”

“The problem here was, Laura ended up being petty about it, and that’s the reason,” Abrams explained. “It wasn’t that she criticized him that was the problem. The problem was it just felt small and petty to do to a high school student.”

“But there’s no question — these kids better saddle up,” Abrams stated. “If they’re going to get into this debate, and they’re going to be out there advocating, they better be ready to take it.”

He’s absolutely right… these aren’t KIDS… they’re teenagers, some or many or most even 18 years old. If they’re going to attack the values that make our country great, darn right they better saddle up!

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