Auburn PD Sends Powerful Message to Law Enforcement on How to Handle Anifa

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It appears as though the Auburn law enforcement sent a powerful message to law enforcement everywhere. These officers dealing with antifa are actually enforcing the rules at a recent protest at Auburn University. Last week, some law enforcement officers at the Berkeley protest didn’t which lead to a lot of talk on the innerwebs. Auburn had a no-mask policy and this WAS enforced. That meant the members of the antifa, or anti-fascists, were made to uncover their faces as they marched past law enforcement toward the campus.

“We didn’t do anything” — uh no masks allowed, ya bozo. Here’s a video of them doing their thing:

And lots of love from Social Media about it.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg from Twitter responses.

I especially loved the “knight” with trash can lids and shoulder pads. WOW, trash can gold!

Earlier this week we reported on an anti-Trump protest in Berkeley where it’s being reported that around 250 law enforcement officers were dispatched to the scene. Despite barriers, folks in attendance from both sides began confronting one another. Nine people were injured, with six taken to a hospital for treatment, including one stabbing victim.

The Chronicle reported that several liberal groups long-planned to disrupt the pro-Trump rally with the intent to shut it down. With some smelly hippie groups, such as Defend the Bay, suggested to it’s members to bring masks and other items to conceal their identity.

With Berkeley and Oakland P.D. teaming up, they actually managed the anarchy a lot better than the now infamous Milo Yiannopoulos protest at UC Berkely just this past February.


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