Carlson: Democrats Are The Party of War

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As usual, Tucker Carlson sums up the left quite nicely. He declared the once pro-peace Democratic Party has shifted to become the “reflexive party of war.”

He argued that democrats often side with war and bombings now. He even pointed to how many democrats have turned against Tulsi Gabbard and her long-standing anti-war stance.

“Do you remember when Democrats were anti-war?” Carlson said. “They were the anti-war party. They sang songs about it, wore T-shirts, held concerts, flashed countless peace signs. That was then though. Democrats are now the reflexive party of war — all wars, except those with an obvious benefit to us here in the United States. If there is a humanitarian quagmire on the other side of the globe, they’re all for committing troops. And you better be warned, too, or they will denounce you. Don’t believe it? Ask Tulsi Gabbard.”


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