Cameras Revealed R. Kelly Getting Savagely Beaten By Inmates While Guards Watched And Did Nothing…

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R. Kelly, a well-known singer, has been accused of sexually preying on vulnerable teen girls who aspired to become singers and stars. While waiting for his trial on numerous counts of state and federal sexual misconduct charges across various states, Kelly was attacked in prison on August 26, 2020, sustaining significant physical and psychological injuries. His attackers were identified as gang member Jeremiah Shane Farmer, who was serving a life sentence for a double homicide, and who was allegedly forced to carry out the attack by government corruption.

The attack on Kelly happened while he was sleeping on the bottom bunk, where Farmer allegedly stomped on his skull. A correctional officer saved Kelly’s life by using pepper spray on Farmer. However, Kelly’s attorneys now claim that the security guards did not intervene quickly enough to help Kelly before Farmer assaulted him. His attorneys filed a motion claiming that the security guards allowed Farmer to roam around freely, and no one at the prison stopped him until after he had already started beating Kelly.

His attorneys further added that “an unresolved issue remains as to whether MCC personnel encouraged, and then allowed, a beating of Mr. Kelly to take place. That alone merits an evidentiary hearing.” Kelly’s attorneys argue that Farmer should be questioned about the role that any prison staff played in the attack.

Meanwhile, Kelly’s lead attorney, Thomas Farinella, claimed that “Mr. Kelly was the victim of an unprovoked attack while incarcerated at the MCC because of who he is. It’s clear the Bureau of Prisons cannot adequately accommodate the need to keep him safe.”

The attack on Kelly came after a documentary entitled “Surviving R. Kelly” was released, which featured interviews with his many rape victims and exposed how he trafficked young women and imprisoned them in his properties as sex slaves. While Kelly’s fame might have earned him fans worldwide, fellow inmates in Chicago’s Metropolitan Correctional Center saw him for what he was – an accused child rapist.

The documentary “Surviving R. Kelly” shed light on the widespread issue of sexual abuse and trafficking in the music industry, and sparked a national conversation about the treatment of victims and accountability for perpetrators.

The attack on Kelly serves as a reminder that the fight against sexual violence and exploitation is ongoing and that justice must be pursued for all victims, regardless of their fame or wealth.

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