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Motorcyclists can soon be safer thanks to a company that produced the world’s first airbag suit.

Motorcycle riders have always been at a disadvantage when it comes to protecting themselves during accidents. While helmets and padding can provide some safety, there has been very little available to keep riders safe if they are thrown from their bikes at high speeds. However, a Swedish company called Mo’cycle has come up with an innovative solution that could revolutionize motorcycle safety – inflatable jeans that are designed like airbags.

Each pair of these remarkable jeans costs $499, but the investment could be well worth it for motorcyclists who fear injury in a crash. These “airbag jeans” inflate within seconds to protect the rider’s lower body in the event of an accident.

The airbag jeans will go on sale for the first time ever in February 2023. These jeans are designed with replaceable CO2 cartridges that line the fabric inside. If the jeans detect that the rider has been involved in a crash, the CO2 cartridges release gas to inflate the pants and protect the lower body. The jeans inflate immediately at the first sign that the rider has fallen off their motorbike.

Motorcycle riders experience the highest rate of injuries of any vehicle rider. Motorcycles are notorious for not protecting their riders, making these airbag jeans a groundbreaking innovation that could save lives.

The airbag jeans are not the only inflatable protection available for motorcyclists. Recently, an inflatable cycling helmet was released into the market that quickly wraps around the rider’s head in the event of an accident.

“The jeans are just as comfortable as any other pants and are made with water-repellent, breathable, and abrasion-resistant fabric,” says Mo’cycle on its website. “The fabric is extremely durable but looks and feels like regular denim. Before activation, the airbag is completely invisible but deploys within milliseconds of being triggered.”

The Swedish airbag jeans have a “dead man’s switch,” which means the airbag effect is activated as soon as the rider loses control or becomes incapacitated. The jeans are connected to the motorcycle by a tether. As soon as the rider is thrown from the bike, the tether is detached from the jeans, activating the airbag effect.

When the jeans are activated, the CO2 canisters begin releasing gas to inflate the airbag inside. This all happens before the rider hits the ground or pavement, providing immediate protection.

The airbag jeans can be used more than once. After the airbag deflates, the CO2 canisters can be replaced to help protect the motorcyclist from another accident.

These airbag jeans are groundbreaking because they protect the lower body, including the thighs and tailbone. The firm says: “To protect the spinal column’s first bone with airbag technology is ground-breaking because spinal column injuries are the ones paralyzing motorcycle riders.”

The airbag jeans are set to become a game-changer for motorcycle safety. With their innovative design and groundbreaking technology, these jeans are sure to be a popular item for people who spend a lot of time on the back of motorcycles.

In the words of Mo’cycle, “The airbag jeans provide a new way of protecting motorcyclists without compromising on comfort, style, or safety. We’re excited to bring this groundbreaking technology to the market and help make riding motorcycles safer for everyone.”

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