Biden’s Apology For “You Ain’t Black” Comment Is Said To Be Sufficient

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Last week, former Vice President Joe Biden had to deal with the backlash of his racist, insulting comments when he said “You ain’t black” as an insult to African Americans who support President Donald Trump instead of him.

To save some face he issued a half-hearted apology.

It’s bad enough that Biden thinks so little of African Americans that he would say something so rude and distasteful but to put out an apology only because of the negativity toward him, I really don’t think he is sorry at all.

Regardless, former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile said that the Democratic nominee’s apology was ”sufficient.”

“I’m black from the ground up,” said Brazile, “but here’s what I do believe. I believe that Joe Biden was incorrect in saying the statement you ain’t black, but I also believe that his apology was sufficient.”

“Here we live in a country where thousands of people have died, and a disproportionate number of them are people of color, African-Americans, communities of color,” she continued, “So I would rather spend more time talking about these disparities that we have seen that have been amplified during this pandemic when speaking about Joe Biden and his record of blackness.”

Brazile went on to add, “This is not just an issue of race, this is an issue of survival right now, and I hope that Joe Biden has learned his lesson and his advisors have also learned their lesson that you just cannot be cavalier in talking about these issues.”

She ended with, “Stick to the facts. That’s what the radio hosts want him to do, talk about the issues because the issues mattered now more than ever.”

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