Biden Is Holding Facebook Responsible For The Death Of Thousands

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Facebook has quickly found itself on the path to becoming a pop-culture villain, and the White House seems to be turning on Mark Zuckerberg’s social media morass to boot.

The platform has become a “big brother” of sorts, tracking and harvesting its user data, and then selling that data to the folks at various advertising houses so that they can study our behavior and better infiltrate our everyday lives, (and wallets).

Meanwhile, Facebook has also made it a habit of silencing certain political or cultural beliefs, arbitrarily, and without recourse.

But for each one of Facebook’s decisions on what you censor and what to let fly, there is someone on the outside looking in.

The White House isn’t backing down from its harsh criticism of Facebook after President Biden on Friday accused the social media giant of “killing people” with misinformation about coronavirus vaccinations.

A Biden administration source revealed to Fox News on Saturday that the very public callout of Facebook followed months of frustration with the platform for failing to stamp out “dangerous” information about the vaccinations that have spread online.

The White House has been seeking help from Facebook and other social media sites since February on stopping misinformation from going viral, such as the myth that getting the shot will cause infertility.

While Facebook has made positive public statements on how they’ve partnered with the government and taken aggressive action to curb vaccine misinformation, the White House believes that the Big Tech company has fallen short.

There were some fairly heavy accusations involved.

“They’ve been withholding information on what the rules are, what they have put in place to prevent dangerous misinformation from spreading [and] how they measure whether it’s working,” a Biden administration official told Fox News.

Of course, it is usually folks on the right side of the aisle complaining about Facebook’s attempted undue influence on American politics, which makes Biden’s whining all the more remarkable.

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