Assange Speaks after Sweden Dropped Rape Case

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During an interview Julian Assange warned that despite Sweden dropping it’s investigating into a rape claim against him almost seven years ago it’s still “not something that I can forgive”.

Assange took refuge at the Ecuador Embassy in London back in 2012 to escape extradition to Sweden among the accusations from two women and he’s been there ever since. Eventually stating that U.S. officials wanted to extradite him to America.

As Written, Reported by and Seen First on Fox News:

Friday’s announcement meant Assange no longer was under any investigation in Sweden. However, British police said Assange was still wanted in the U.K. for jumping bail in 2012 — so he could still face arrest if he leaves the Ecuadorean Embassy.

Speaking from the building’s balcony, Assange said, “The proper war is just commencing” over his legal troubles. He also said his lawyers would contact U.K. officials to seek a way forward in resolving his status……..

“It is a scandal that a suspected rapist can avoid the judicial system and thus avoid a trial in court,” a lawyer for the woman who claimed Assange raped her responded. Elisabeth Massi Fritz said her client was shocked but “she can’t change her view that Assange has exposed her to a rape.”

Assange also says he would be “happy” to discuss the case with the U.S. government even though Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that arresting Assange was a priority. President Donald Trump has said it is “OK” with him if Sessions does that.



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