WHOA! SAFE! Chris Coghlan Is Hitting Home!

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So this is pretty nuts! Not many of us would think to go this far, personal safety be D*AMNED! Just don’t tell that to Chris Coghlan! He clearly never once thought of his personal safety while making this jump for home!

“It just all happens like that,” Coghlan said. “You’re just trying to touch home and have as successful a landing as you possibly can.”

In what was already an amazing game, Coghlan’s head-first leap over Molina easily stole the show. The Toronto Blue Says much needed 6-5 win over the Cardinals in 11 innings Tuesday sealed the deal and this video is the one all your friends have been talking about.

“I was in shock at first because my adrenaline was going so much,” Coghlan said. “Then I saw [Jose], and I got jacked up, and I told him afterward, ‘You got me fired up, just seeing your reaction,’ and then the boys were pumped. So I’ve been in that situation. Any time you can get the boys fired up, it’s worth it.”


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