“America Last” Is The Democratic Motto

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Eric Swalwell (D-CA) appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and made a bunch of crazy a$$ claims…

“Those people in the crowd, who are counting on these good jobs, you know, trade deals to be reformed, and health care to be given to them, they’re not getting any of that because it’s a mess in Washington,” Swalwell said.

“He’s paying the price now,” Swalwell said of Trump. “The deep involvement that they had in Russia is now coming home to roost. And the sad thing is that people actually were counting on him to deliver.”

Well anyway… Tucker finally asks Swalwell THE question… should non-Americans be prioritized over Americans and the question seemed to fluster Swalwell quite a bit… all in all not really being able to give a straight answer.

And let’s face it… any American who thinks American citizens DON’T have priority over aliens and illegal aliens should not be eligible to serve in Congress.

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