Amazon Sends Family Their Worst Nightmare In An Unexpected Package

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An unsuspecting family in New Jersy ordered a simple shipment of diapers from Amazon through their Amazin Warehouse section. This section of the site is designated for items that are supposed to be in good condition but may just have an open box or returned items.

This is a good way to save your money by finding your regular items at a discounted rate. But what this family found inside of their shipment was far beyond the most disgusting thing you can think of.

The box was filled with neatly-folded soiled dirty diapers. This was a huge shock to the mother of a 26-week premature infant as the baby could have come in contact with the diapers which is a huge health hazard.

According to Fox17 News,

“I picked up the diapers and it was a little bit heavy, I was half asleep the lights were off,” she explained. “At that point, I turn on the light and that’s when I noticed these diapers are neatly-folded and they are soiled.

The shocking discovery prompted the mom to immediately disinfect her nursery, even wiping down her 19-month-old daughter with rubbing alcohol.

The child, a micro preemie, was born 26 weeks premature, weighing a little over a pound, making her immune system compromised. According to Sales, the baby was just inches away from what she believed was a health hazard.

Speaking to an Amazon customer service representative later that evening didn’t exactly put the family at ease.

“They were like ‘OK sorry for your inconvenience, we will give you a refund. You’re more than welcome to keep the stuff, you don’t need to return it,’” Sid Mukherje, the children’s father, told WPIX.

“And my thought was “Wow, you are not understanding what I’m saying.”

A very similar situation happened this past holiday shopping season when customers were outraged after finding random items in their boxes instead of the expensive Nintendo Switches they had ordered.

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