Allen West: I Spoke With Flynn After Election, Was I Unmasked?

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Lt. Col. Allen West appeared on Outnumbered today to speak with Sandra Smith, Julie Banderas, Harris Faulkner, and Meghan McCain about the General Flynn debacle.

“You know this is one of the big concerns that the American people have with the whole Patriot Act thing. In the wrong hands, the next thing you know the government will be out there listening in to you, uncovering your names, and doing things… I’ll be very honest with ya’ll, I had conversations with General Flynn after the election. So I’m wondering ‘had I been one of these people that had been unmasked?’.”

He was then asked, “I wanted to ask you if you’ve unknowingly been unmasked?”.

“No one’s said anything to me but you have to wonder. This is why there’s such a lack of trust in our government right now”.

Then Julie Banderas questions how Clapper could be unaware of the counter-intelligence investigation lead by the FBI.

In regards to Susan Rice refusing to testify he says… “What business of it was hers [as the National Security Advisor] to be apart of this unmasking?”


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