Anderson Cooper Takes On Democratic Rep With Collusion Theory [VIDEO]

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Anderson Cooper had Rep Eric Swalwell (D) CA on his show and Swalwell came up with a conspiracy theory that you would have to be totally illiterate to come up with and surprisingly, Cooper did not let him get away with it, which could result in a suspension or termination considering CNN’s policy on President Trump.

Swalwell said that the Twitter messages between Roger Stone and Wikileaks prove collusion between the two. You have to wonder if he even read the messages or at least found a Republican who could them to him and explain what the meant.

The ironic thing is that Swalwell is on the House Permanent Committee on intelligence, but it’s obvious that none of that intelligence rubbed off on him. He told Cooper that the texts proved that Stone and Wikileaks were colluding on the stolen emails.

Cooper replied:

“Just for the record, the text exchanges over Twitter and direct message between Stone and WikiLeaks, the ones that have at least been released, and I assume those are the only ones, they don’t really show anything.”

In fact, the messages from Wikileaks to Stone were asking him to quit claiming he had connections with Wikileaks which they claimed he did not. That does not sound like collusion to me and besides if you were colluding, would you really put your messages on Twitter? It’s public. Anyone could read them.

Stone first contacted Wikileaks on Oct. 13, 2016, to complain about them attacking him even though he was a staunch supporter of then-candidate Trump.

Wikileaks replied:

“We appreciate that. However, the false claims of association are being used by the Democrats to undermine the impact of our publications. Don’t go there if you don’t want us to correct you.”

From The Daily Caller

Swalwell also made what appears to be a false claim about whether the House Intelligence Committee was provided with Stone’s messages.

“Another issue, though, Anderson, that is that in our investigation, we should have been able to subpoena all of the records rather than having to wait and see what reporters were able to dig up and find about Roger Stone’s communications,” Swalwell told Cooper. 

“We weren’t able to do that,” he continued, accusing House Intel Republicans of being “unwilling” to subpoena the records.

That was a total lie he came up with because he didn’t expect to be challenged. The committee does indeed have those messages.

Maybe Swalwell was playing hooky that day.

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