Pelosi's Lame Attempt To Call Out GOP Fails

Nancy Pelosi jabbed Republican lawmakers for taking a two-week recess for the Easter-Passover holidays during her weekly press conference Thursday. It's sort of funny how Republics are the ones wanting to create jobs and she takes some lame jab at Republicans twisting it to her own rhetoric. I don't think anyone's buying it, though. Not from her.

"today, here we are, 77 days," the House minority Leader stated. "The Republican House departs for a two-week break now for the Easter-Passover holidays."

"I’ll begin by asking the same questions that Republicans will face from their constituents," the California Democrat continued. "What have the Republicans done with their control of the House, Senate and the White House to produce jobs?"

Pelosi Shades GOP For Going Home Over Easter Recess — No Answer When Asked If She’s Doing The Same [VIDEO]

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