Marco Rubio On Susan Rice: I Have Not Seen Evidence Of A Crime

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Rubio is stating “I usually try to not opine on those issues. Suffice it to say, I have not seen anything like it” — in regards to whether or not Susan Rice has committed a crime.

While there may not be any evidence, I’ve stated here that it seems she allowed it to happen. Further, there is no reason to believe something may not have happened. Look at Benghazi… Not to mention how the Obama administration used the IRS to target his political opponents.

“Let me just say we have learned over the last couple of weeks how bad it is to kind of be talking and debating these things in front of the media,” he continued. “If you’re serious about a fact-finding mission, you wait for the facts to come in, you write a report, you make them public, and then you and members of the Senate, the House the American public can look at those facts and decide where we should go from there.”


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