TMZ’s Harvey Levin Slams Anti-Trump Media

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TMZ’s Harvey Levin has had it with the Anti-Trump movement being pushed by the media and stated that some of the “most trusted names” in the biz are losing credibility over it.

Levin recently faced critism when he met POTUS Trump in the Oval Office last month and stated on a panel at the NAB show that traditional media outlets are doing themselves in by failing to report fairly.

“What I find unbelievable is the bullying in traditional media,” the 66-year-old attorney said. “I think there are some traditional media outlets that are getting ruined by this administration and ruined by their own deeds. There are certain networks and newspapers that are very clear on who they are and what they feel and that’s fine. I mean if you put yourself out as somebody who supports Trump or, like MSNBC is against Trump, at least you know what you’re getting.

“But when you pretend like you’re objective, but you’re not, and you are angry, and you are trying to kill and bully, I think that is killing [them],” he added. “And I don’t think they know it yet, but I think some of the trusted names in news are not trusted anymore because of this.”

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