Alert: Julian Assange Did NOT Kill Himself

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ICYMI|It’s time to start the hashtag ‘#JULIANASSANGEdidNOTKILLHIMSELF …

RICH WLESH|It has been over two-and-a-half years considering that WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange was torn from the Ecuadorian embassy in London after 7 years in hiding from British authorities. During that time, Assange battled a lengthy court fight while he stayed behind bars. Currently, his biggest fight is readied to start as a British high court ruled on Friday that the WikiLeaks creator can be extradited to the United States to encounter fees that might place him behind bars permanently.

Courts at the Royal Judiciaries of Justice in London voided a reduced court judge who had actually determined almost a year ago that Assange need to not be extradited to the US because of the threat of Assange dealing with unjust physical harm (and also the very genuine possibility that Assange may eliminate himself, as the judge acknowledged). Consider just how the Biden administration has been treating selfie takers from January 6 as it has been reported they are staying in repulsive conditions without medical therapy, they are defeated regularly by guards, and also are offered inadequate food. Picture what these thugs will certainly do to Assange.

The court ruled that Assange can face extradition to the US, which is virtually a guarantee that he will stand trial in an American court.

There is no sense in Assange appealing the ruling since it seems rather cut and also completely dry that the probabilities are stacked against him. The United States government desires him badly as well as I am specific hazards have actually been made to get him. They want to file charges against Assange under the Reconnaissance Act. Hillary Clinton clearly went against the Reconnaissance Act and can have done a century of jail time, as well as nobody charged her, yet don’t bank on Assange getting away such a destiny. He does not have a D beside his name.

Julian Assange is dealing with 18 matters in the US, with a lot of them dropping under the Reconnaissance Act. He would certainly be confronting 175 years behind bars if condemned.

Wikileaks blasted the United States federal government in action to the judgment for preventing accountability for a “security murder” occurrence they concealed where two Reuters journalists were eliminated in Iraq along with innocent civilians, all …


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